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about evelyn bartin

Evelyn Bartin (known as “EB” to her friends and colleagues) is the principal of e bartin home -- offering both interior design and construction planning and management services.


Evelyn has over twenty years of experience creating interior spaces -- from as simple a task as planning new window treatments, to as complex an effort as re-thinking an entire home. During those years, she has also played a critical role in the design and execution of many residential renovation and new building projects, working hand-in-hand with architects and engineers.


Evelyn began her design career in New York City, where she continues to do business. In the 1990s she moved to the Rhinebeck vicinity and added the Mid-Hudson Valley to her service area. It has always been her delight to design and decorate; but having grown up in a construction family, she also feels right at home supervising ground-up projects.


Evelyn gained her “eye” from her mother, her ability to read plans from her father and grandfather, and honed her skills, of course, by both classroom and on-the-job education and training.

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