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construction planning & management

Attention Homeowners! Are you about to build a new home or undertake a big renovation, but you’re concerned about your inexperience? Or have you lived through big projects before, but you don’t have the time to oversee the demands of a new effort? Or is your project being constructed in the Hudson Valley, but you’re in NYC and you're worried who'll "watch the pot" locally? Or do your plans call for some very expensive finishes, but you’d like to find more budget-conscious choices that don't compromise on quality or "the look"?


EB to the site! Evelyn is the homeowner's representative, working with engineers, architects, builders, landscape architects and the like to help keep projects on course. A former general contractor, she acts as an advocate for homeowners, watching out for their interests above all others. EB's construction planning and management services may cost up front, but they will return both time and money in the end. And most importantly, she will help unplug your anxiety, keeping the project filled with the joy and fun it should be!

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