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For years you’ve watched the man. Watched as he’s strolled through this work site in Vermont, that work site in California. You’ve not only watched, you’ve listened, as this high priest of hammers and nails has preached the joy of building. And you’ve felt his joy, let it penetrate your brain, trickle into your chest, and finally land deep down in your gut. Click here to read more.

Designing Downside Up

Back in the late 1950s, I remember the occasion of my mother’s shopping for a new bedroom set for my parents’ new room in their new house in the newly emerging suburbs of New York. As my mom entered the furniture store, the in-house decorator was quick to her aid. Since this was probably the first big ticket purchase in my mother’s life, she was glad for the help. Click here to read more.

But the Color Looked So Good in the Store

“I’d like the bedroom done in the most beautiful shade of blue. Not so blue as navy but not so pale as powder, either. More like the blue of a robin’s egg, just at the moment the chick is bursting from the shell. And I’d like the kitchen to be yellow but, mind you, not any yellow. I’d like a nice, happy, sunny yellow.” Click here to read more.

It IS Easy Bein’ Green 

“It's not that easy bein’ green,” laments Kermit the Frog. And so, too, lament U.S. citizens, claiming that the “being green” is complicated, costs too much, and is for the lunatic fringe. And even if all that weren’t true, the lament continues, the problems with the environment are so huge that one person’s efforts don’t really make a difference. Click here to read more.

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